I'm a middle aged man, living in North London with a love of cars, bikes, American Football and gadgets!

Tech History

I think my initial love for all things gadgety came from my father. We were the first family to have a computer that I knew of, when dad brought home a Sinclair ZX80, so that's got to be around 1980.

Through my teenage years I spent a lot of time writing programs in Basic and then on AMOS on my Amiga. Then I got a (non tech related) job and that was all forgotten about.

In 1999 I think I was the only person I knew in school with a mobile phone, again, thanks to my dad. They gradually became more popular and then PDA's arrived on the scene. Of course I had to have myself one and went through various iterations of iPaqs.

Moving on to 2009 and I bought my first Android device. Recommended by a friend at work, I pushed aside Windows Mobile and bought a HTC Hero running Android 1.6 if I remember correctly. This same friend suggested we start a YouTube channel and was born!

We had reasonable success, peaking at around 7,000 subscribers with many videos having 6 figure views (one up over a million), but as we went our separate ways I decided I should move on to my own channel and in September of 2012 AndroidAndyUK started sharing content.

Five years on I have 13,600 subscribers and over 6 million total views. Device reviews have slowed down somewhat as it's an expensive hobby. have supported me with some devices, but my main contact has now moved on and I've not been able to get a device since. (If you'd like to help, see my Support Me page.)

In February of this year I found out I might be made redundant. Luckily I get 3 years notice, so I decided to learn to code, much like I did when I was a teenager. I learnt some Java and have now moved on to making Android Apps of my own, with several apps in the Google Play Store.

Having done most of what I wanted to do with my Android apps, I've moved on to web development learning HTML, Javascript, php and a little Python with this website being all my own work. (Well, apart from the YouTube page.)

Cars & Bikes

Back in 1991 I did my CBT and bought a 50cc motorcross bike, to enable me to get into local towns and Leicester City itself. As soon as I passed my test in 1992 though, I moved onto cars. None were particularly exciting at this point though.

In 2007 I passed my DAS bike test and have been riding bikes ever since. I now ride a KTM Superduke R Special Edition which I use to commute (when it's dry) and love to get out and ride with friends when possible.

In 2015 I fulfilled a long time ambition of owning a Mustang, when I bought a 2010 Mustang GT, V8 4.6l beast!

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