3rd September 2018

Samsung Raises The Bar With The Note 9

I've been using the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 for over a week now and I can honestly say I love it. Whilst it's one of the heaviest devices I've ever owned, it doesn't really feel bulky in the hand. The screen is huge, bright and vibrant, the stereo speakers are loud and clear even containing a little base, the camera is up their amongst the best and the battery is now a monster with enough power for me to go two days without charging.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 playing fortnite

Pretty much everything I was looking forward to in my article a few weeks back held up to expectations. It's such a slick and fast device and looks amazing, even better with my dbrand Black Camo skin on it. I've used the S-Pen probably more in the last week than I ever did on the Note 5. Possibly the only issue I've had was the initial battery life, which was terrible. A factory reset after a few days fixed that though, now I only drop 2% or maybe even 1% when in standby.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with dbarnd Black Camo skin

Throw in unexpected features like Samsung DeX and I couldn't be happier with it. The Pixel 3 XL has really got it's work cut out to displace this beast.

With me having used the device for around 8 days, yesterday I spent the best part of the entire day planning, recording, editing, encoding and uploading my review, which at over an hour, is by far my longest review ever. It's so large I had to split it into four different parts...

Click here to watch Part 1 of my Samsung Galaxy Note 9 review where I talk about the design and hardware specs.

Click here to watch Part 2 of my Samsung Galaxy Note 9 review where we look at the camera and battery life.

Click here to watch Part 3 of my Samsung Galaxy Note 9 review where I focus on the software and use of the S-Pen.

Click here to watch Part 4 of my Samsung Galaxy Note 9 review where I show you DeX and Bixby before giving my conclusion.

My intention wasn't to make such a long review, but with everything I wanted to talk about, it just ended up like this! I am thinking maybe I'll record a shorter one, under 10 minutes perhaps, later this week.

What do you think of the Note 9? What do you think of video reviews this long? Come let me know on the forums.