3rd July 2019

Huel - The Future Of Food?

You might be aware, Im trying to lose wieight. A big part of that is my diet and controlling the amount of calories I eat. This of course means cutting out lots of things, I don't eat much bread these days, not much sugary products and in fact my evening meal was often a fruit & veg smoothie I would make myself.

Huel and packet

I was very interested though, when I read about a lot of people using Huel as meal replacements. Some people would go so far as having pretty much nothing but Huel! I was interested in perhaps replacing my smoothie with Huel, so placed an order of two packs, Vanilla and Mixed Berry.

Both are actually very tasty and very simple to make, mix each scoop with 150-200ml of water, maybe add some ice and off you go! Each scoop is about 152 calories, so again, calorie control is very easily managed. Whilst I'm not sure they're as filling as a regular meal, they easily tide me over from my evening meal to my bowl of cereal before bed!

Huel shake made up

So back to the question of 'Is Huel the future of food?', well, honestly, I hope not. I do still enjoy a nice chicken fajita or a doner meat and chips from time to time, so hopefully they wont ever be replaced by a nutritional shake...

Want to try Huel for yourself, use this link and save £10 on your first order.

Watch the video review for more detail!

What do you think of Huel? Could you replace one or two meals with it? Come and let me know on the forum!

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