28th January 2019

TAIHE Gemini Portable 'On-the-go' Monitor

I don't really visit Kickstarter or Indiegogo very often, I don't think I should, mainly because I don't fully understand them. They're not a shop, right? I'm sure people much smarter than me have lost money on projects in the past, why would I risk it? But, every now and then a product appears that pursuades me to take the risk and the TAIHE Gemini Portable 'On-the-go' Monitor is one of those projects.

So as you can see in the video, it's pretty simple, it's a portable monitor. Why is that a good idea? For me, there are two reasons -

1) Although I don't use it a huge amount, I love to have a laptop. I love the thought I can go anywhere and do anything I could at home. At home though, I have a dual monitor setup. I could take a USB Type-C to HDMI cable round with me and plug it into anything I can find, but that's not a reliable way to do it and probably just not that practical to take over someone's TV. What this TAIHE Gemini Portable 'On-the-go' Monitor means is, in a relatively small package, I have a second screen to take with me!

2) You may have recently seen one of my videos about desktop mode on either the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or the Huawei Mate 20 Pro (my current daily) which means you plug your phone into a TV/Monitor and you get a full desktop experience from your phone. Pretty cool! Again, not once have I actually done this. Not only do you need to carry the cable around with you, but you would need to comendeer someone's TV. Well, with the TAIHE Gemini Portable 'On-the-go' Monitor, you plug in and you're good to go! Granted, you have to have the screen and cable with you, but if you have a feeling you might need it, it's a more practical option than hijacking someone else's screen.

One thing that is quite fun with Kickstarter are the stretch goals. As they raise more and more money, they unlock new upgrades for the product. We're on the verge of getting a free multi purpose carry bag and after that would be a free USB Type-C charging upgrade, which at the moment I've pledged extra for.

So, have I peeked your interest? Fancy one yourself? Please use my referral link to pledge yourself. Right now prices start at $219 plus delivery. Why not come and discuss it on my forum.

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