8th May 2020

Andy Goes to iOS?!

As a hardcore Android fan, I've never used an iPhone as a daily device, which I'e often thought was an issue, for someone evaluating technology and specifically mobile phones. I never thought I'd see Apple launch a device in the under £500 price range though, so when they did, I thought it was a great opportunity for me to try iOS out!

Android fanbois using iOS on the iPhone SE 2020

After using it for a week, I have a bit of a surprise... if I'm very honest, which I try to always be, I started kind of enjoying iOS! I don't think there's a danger of me 'jumping ship', don't get me wrong, I still prefer Android but the thing is, iOS is just different. It's not better or worse, it's just different. Once you get used to those differences, you get on fine with it.

There are a few drawbacks, but you get to learn what they are and work around them. For example, I use Dropbox to backup my photos. On Android, whilst it sometimes needs me to launch the app to prompt a backup, I can then switch away from the app and the upload will continue in the background. On iOS it really slows down, if not stops, they backup. So, just remember to check in with Dropbox from time to time and leave it open while it uploads, then move on.

Then there's the keyboard. It really is quite simple. It's nice enough to type on, but I find it weird I don't have commas, full stops and numbers right there on the main keyboard. I can't hold down ''o' to get an opening bracket, I can't hold down 'd' for a £... but that's not the end of the world, you get used to the extra key press.

One thig I'm not sure of, was the homescreen layout. I really don't get how people think it's fine that their apps just appear in an almost random fassion, in the order they install them. Yes, you can spend time organising them, putting them in folders and ordering them to you wish, but how are there no options for, for example, alphabetical order?! Again, you do start getting used to knowing where your most used apps are, but still, when you come to use an app you use once a week or so, you can spend 10 seconds finding the bleeder!

As for the iPhone SE 2020, it's a nice enough device. The hype might be a little overdone, but I get that it's an iPhone for only £419. That is a reasonably big deal. I don't think it would cost more then £300 if it was an Android. In fact, if Xiaomi produced it, I would have money on it being £219, but still for Apple to release it at £419 is quite a surprise.

The iPhone SE 2020 unboxed

The performence is great, the A13 Bionic chipset, even though underclocked, provides plenty of power. The screen looks nice enough although I had issues with it's responsiveness to some touches. The camera, even if it's a little limited in it's options (no ultra wide angle, no macro, no zoom, no night mode) was pretty impressive to be fair to it.

The only real issue was the battery. If I took it off charge at 6am, did my shift at work and checked it when I got home around 5pm, it would be down between 20% and 30%. That's pretty damn low! Worse even than my Pixel 4. If you have frequent access to a charger, I guess this isn't an issue, but if you don't, it could well be a deal breaker.

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