At a recent 'Hack in the Box' security conference in Amsterdam, two researchers called Karsten Nohl and Jakob Lell of the firm Security Research Labs revealed the results of a two year long investigation into Android security patches by vendors. In their study, they examined the firmware of 1,200 Android devices, to see if the patch level quoted in the OS was actually the patch level found on the device for patches released in 2017. They found what they call a 'patch gap' in many of the well known OEM's devices.


Every now and then I get asked about what equipment I use to make my YouTube videos. Well, once I got asked. Okay, once I told someone and now I'm going to tell you...

It doesn't take a huge amount of money to get a decent setup, but you do need to spend a little. If I get to a YouTube video and the lighting means the camera can't focus or the person can barley be understood as the audio is that bad, I quite often just move on. I think my setuo can be had for around £500, which I think is reasonable if you're serious about YouTube videos. So, lets take a look at the kit.

My YouTube Equipment Setup


Everyone loves saving money when shopping online, right? So I've got some of my best tips that could save you hundreds of pounds every year. If you're reading this on your phone, sorry, most of these tips are for when shopping on your PC.

Save Money Shopping Online


Interesting timing, the day after I record my video about online security that Cloudflare and APNIC announce they have a simple way for everyone make themselves more secure and private online and it can be done in a matter of minutes. It was also quite interesting that they chose to announce it on April 1st... so many people took the news to be a joke!

[ ]


Until last year I hadn't really thought about passwords, how they're stored online and what are the best ones to pick are, but then I needed to code them into my website. I thought it was interesting enough to share with everyone, to hopefully help keep people safer online.

There are really 4 ways you can be compramised (I missed one in the video below)

  • Phishing attack
  • Social engineering/too easy to guess password
  • Brute force attack
  • Website hacked
  •

    Click here to see my video explanation of this.

    I don't feel the review video went as well as most I do, but hopefully you get a good feel for my opinion.

    So do I like it? Generally, I'm quite a fan actually. The main negatives people give are the screen and design, but I can't say the screen was an issue for me and the slightly larger bezels don't bother me.

    On the plus side, I love the portability, I love the gestures, I love the backlit keyboard and I'm just about coping with MacOS which is actually nice and smooth, even on what is considered the 'budget' MacBook.

    I think I could definitely be tempted when a 2018 version comes out and I am also on the lookout for a cheap second hand iPhone, but I promise you, it's only for helping with my iOS coding development, I'm not switching sides!

    Click here to watch ,y review of the MacBook Air 2017.

    Come and let me know what you think on my forum post about my MacBook.

    I actually enjoy debugging code... mostly. I think you need to if you're going to be a programmer, you spend too much of your time doing it!

    I'd noticed this week that the 'accordion' effect wasn't working consistently on this front page. Sometimes you could click something and it wouldn't open. Then you would open new articles but the others didn't close.

    Someone had mentioned to me that the navbar broke with the latest version of Bootstrap, but I wondered if this update would fix my accorion woes, so this morning I updated Bootstrap.

    It did break the navbar, but that was quite easy to fix. In fact, now it's much better, on a mobile you don't get an oversized bar, covering half the site, you get a little drop down menu button instead!

    I also realised the collapsing accordion code had totally changed, so I went through each of these news items and changed the code! Okay, they bit wasn't all that fun, but it's done the job!

    Now I need to see if I can be bothered to do it for the 'Show more news' bit at the bottom... that's a lot of work!

    In the mean time, please report any bugs you find in the coding forum. Thanks!

    6th March 2018

    Not a video I had thought I would ever be making, but don't worry, I explain why...

    Click here to see my explanation of why I bought a MacBook Air 2017.

    Do you think it was a good idea? Why not come and discuss it with me on my forum post?

    3rd March 2018

    I took my DJI Mavic Pro out last night and this morning to get some shots of a snowy Barnet.

    It's a shame it's too hazy this morning for a decent photo. If the sun breaks through, I'll get back out there, but already I can see the snow is clearing up on the ground.

    25th February 2018

    I've set up a forum, giving you all a new way of discussing tech and interests with me and others.

    Simply click on 'Forum' in the Navbar at the top, register and post away! If you'd like me to look into reviewing something, let me know!

    22nd February 2018

    I'm sure it comes as no surpsise that I enjoy making videos. Also, one of the main reasons I have a Pixel 2 XL as my main device is the camera on it, as this is often the main tool of my personal video creation.

    One thing you generally want when creating video, is a nice smooth frame. The Pixel has fantastic video stabilisation, but nothing can compare to an actual gimbal, so when I saw this Zihyun Smooth-Q Gimbal for only £99, I thought I had to try it!

    It has three modes, each one locking different axis -

  • Pan Following Mode - Moves with you left and right, but not up and down
  • Locking Mode - Both up and down and left and right will remain as they began, you move around them.
  • Following Mode - Will move with you, left and right as well as up and down.

  • Don't forget the massive 26,000mAh battery giving a quoted 12 hours of smooth recording or you can use it to keep you phone battery topped up, while in use!

    All in all, it really is a capable little device, which copes just fine with a phone the size of the 2 XL. It's quite impressive how smooth it is, even as I jog along using it and well worth the money if you also love making videos.

    Click here to see my video revioew of the gimbal.

    11th February 2018

    My latest video is a request from someone, asking me to make a video of what I have installed on my phone. You ask. I deliver!

    Click here to see my video of me taking you through what's installed on my phone.

    The highlights, the daily used essential apps are -

    Do you have any essential, daily use apps? Why not let me know about them.

    19th January 2018

    This week I received an email from YouTube that basically explained they were changing the criterea for which channels would be allowed to monetise. They were making it harder for the little guy, now requiring 4,000 hours of watch time in the last 12 months and at least 1,000 subscribers.

    Although they don't say this, I'm reasonably sure the reason is due to their fear of losing advertisers over the 'scandal' of them being put before inappropriate videos. Over the last couple of months YouTube introduced an algorythm of some kind that would try and flag these videos and probably around 50-60% of mine would be flagged and I would have to ask for a manual review before they would allow monetisation.

    Simply removing all the new/small channels will probably be a much easier way for YouTube to control this, hence the new criterea.

    For my main channel, AndroidAndyUK, this is not a problem. I have both of those boxes ticked, but for my personal YouTube channel I do not.

    So why am I posting about this then? Becuase although my personal channel is mainly for personal stuff, I have done some none tech related reviews on there for things like mattresses or motorbike locks, some of which do very well. With me no longer being able to monetise these I figure I may as well move them over onto AndroidAndyUK.

    So, look out for some rather different videos being uploaded over the next day or two. Let me know in the comments of the video if you think this is a bad idea, or use the contact me page on this site. Thanks.

    Two unrelated events recently meant I was on the hunt for a set of noise cancelling headphones. The first was actually my brother lending me his new Bose QC35 ii headphones to do a quick review.

    The second was my trusty Sony headphones breaking. Impressed as I was by the Bose, I devided to buy my own. What I didn't realise was that there's quite significant audio latency with the Bose, so I shelled out on some Sony 1000XM2 headphones which have a much reduced audio lag.

    What that means for you guys, is another headphoen review and a comparison video.

    Click here to see my video comparison of the Bose QC35 ii and Sony WH-1000XM2 Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphones

    I'd love to hear your thoughts, use the contact me page to let me know if there are another set of headphones I should be considering!

    20th December 2017

    For the past year and a half I've been quite consumed by Overwatch. I've clocked up over 570 hours as it's moved into my top 3 all time played games (since records began) behind just Counter Strike and Rift.

    A couple of weekends ago though, I bought Playerunknown's Battlegrounds, which has been in early access for around a year, and I think I'm addicted!

    The pace of the game is very different to most. It's like a single round of CS that takes half an hour to play. It can be very frustrating though, you play for 20 minutes not seeing anyone, then die to a headshot from someone camping in a bush...

    It goes 'live' in less than 24 hours, so here's my video explaining the game as I'm sure it wont be to everyone's tastes.

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