15th April 2018

Save Money Shopping Online

Everyone loves saving money when shopping online, right? So I've got some of my best tips that could save you hundreds of pounds every year. If you're reading this on your phone, sorry, most of these tips are for when shopping on your PC.

My video will take you through the following tips for saving money when shopping online -

  • Quidco - get money back when shopping. Use my referral link to get £5 for just signing up!
  • Keepa - Google Chrome Browser plugin, shows you the price history of items on Amazon so you can see if it really is a deal or not.
  • Honey - Google Chrome Browser plugin, tries all known coupon codes for you at checkout. Please use this link to sign up though.
  • Amazon Assistent - Another Chrome Browser plugin which will notify you if the item you're looking at can be bought cheaper on Amazon.
  • Hot UK Deals - A fantastic website for deals and bargains. I would recommend checking on here every few days, although it will likely make you spend more than you intended.
  • Google Rewards - An Android App from Google that will ask you some questions about places you've been or even ask you to watch a video and ask you about it after and then pay you for doing so. The money can be spent on the Google Play Store.

  • Over the years I think I've saved literally hundreds of pounds for very little effort.

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